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Posted: 6.6 hours ago
Wednesday, 7/18/18. Met a friend for coffee and was excited to see one of our favorites has moved into their new location!
#365 #hi Gramma
Posted: 9.1 hours ago
Day 183/365: July 2nd 2018 | Green Milk Tea RIP SLEEP THANKS TO THIS TEA BUT IT WAS SO DELICIOUS LIKE!!!!! Betty’s friend came to night market and they work at Shiny Tea so we got free bbt lmfaooooo I’ve been drinking so much bbt lately… XD Anyway, work was fine~ sold ok for a long weekend Monday. Today was the last day of work with Betty T^T *sobs for an eternity… or at least until I leave LOL*
#365 #bubble tea #my boss bought so much night market food today like skewers + deep fried seaweed/mayonnaise squid (my fav) #+ taiwanese chicken + lemon bubble waffles #LOOOL AN ENTIRE FEAST
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