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Saw @nocturnalazure​ and a bunch of other simmers doing a zodiac series for their characters and fell in love with the idea, so I decided to do it for my guys too :D starting with Chris! :D SAGITTARIUS Strengths: honest, fair-minded, dedicated, generous; Weaknesses: argumentative, reckless, preachy, runs away from problems; Likes: travels, pets, books, being outdoors; Dislikes: prejudice, routines, lack of freedom, lies; Sagittarians love to learn and discover new things. They are interested in philosophy and religion and are always looking forward to discuss and get to know more about the deeper aspects of life. Their thirst for knowledge will often lead them to travel a lot to see new places. They deeply value honesty and sincerity and you can always count on them to tell you their genuine opinion on any issue. However, they may also have a hard time expressing themselves about their own problems and may keep them for themselves. Sagittarians can be reckless and not really think of the consequences. However, they are also willing to recognize their own mistakes, and sometimes will worry way too much about them. Sagittarians are usually confident and optimistic, but when they’re not given the chance to develop their confidence, they can become extremely insecure and anxious, as well as develop a tendency to run away from reality, rather than facing their own problems. Travel can easily become the easiest way for them to distance themselves from issues. With Cancer as their rising sign, Sagittarians tend to show a strong sense of duty, intuition and sensitivity. They are protective, good with children and greatly enjoy sharing their knowledge as educators. As lovers, they tend to be sweet and passionate. They are however not very ambitious, as they prefer pursuing their own interests and spending time with their loved ones rather than pursuing a successful career.
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