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An commission I did a month ago for a client of mine. I believe The one of the left is a half-orc and the one on the right is a Tiefling. Certainly interesting as I was not used to drawing horned characters or tailed ones, but both horned and tailed? Commissioned by Sacharja87
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The calm before the storm. This was half the last session of “Lost Mines of Phandelver”, and half the first session of “Key to The Eclipse”; the working title for the homebrew campaign for my “Saturday Club” group. I took Nezznar, the main villain of Phandelver, and promoted him to one of the villains of this next Act/Arch. Along with it, I had a friend guest star as this character as well as used one of the PCs as a twist second villain. This came with varying degrees of success. In order to do this and hopefully bring together a bunch of PCs who were together because they showed up to work that day, I put together a TPK from which they would be revived. In the build up to this, I had many meetings with my Black Spider to build the character. My hope was that they would treat them like a PC and run with it; however, they aren’t used to being the villain and sort of defaulted to just controlling them in combat while I controlled the character’s actions. Which is fine, but not what I was going for, and was kinda disappointing. After the kill, I had a small puzzle encounter in the Etherial Plane that I think fell a little flat because I had only come up with it late afternoon the day before and didn’t have time to really flesh it out and not present a rough draft. Good news is it’s something I can do again, but better because it’ll be polished.
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This is Liadove Xilna (Lee-ah-doe-vee Shill-nah). She’s a High Elf whose class is currently undetermined, but will probably end up being either Wizard or Cleric. I tried to do this drawing in a more realistic style without harsh lines, and I’m pretty happy with the outcome!
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