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ica associates inc, Stoic Smile, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
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This ketubah depicts the entire Chicago skyline. The buildings are to scale, and in order to fit them all I this design has to be the full 24″ of the paper I use and cannot be scaled down at all. Even at full size I had to make extremely detailed cuts precise down to 1/64″. Those are some tiny tolerances. And if anything were off, the windows wouldn’t show through to the bottom gold layer, which lights up the entire nighttime scene. Chicago residents have a skyline to really be proud of, and this ketubah really shows it off. You can see my other designs and past custom orders I have worked on by visiting my website at or on Etsy at
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Bastard - a card game by Paulina Kacprzak / Olga Rafalska / Miss Czuz / Michal Loba / Iwona Przybyla / Dominika Czerniak / LoveLetters Studio / Dorota Wojciechow / Zuzanna Rogatty / Viktoriya Grabows / Marta Pitaś Tomiak / Agata Polasik / Bękarty - / Ja576 Ja576
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Mario Martinez – Mars Molecule Collection Mario Martinez (aka MARS-1) was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1977. At the age of 13, he began writing graffiti in his hometown of Fresno. He later attended Academy of Art in San Francisco, where he currently lives and works remaining heavily active in the city’s contemporary art scene. Besides using brushes on the usual material he paints high buildings in cities and makes sculptures of bronze, participated in so many projects. Recently the artist has released a set of bronze sculptures titled Mars Molecule Collection. The sculpts are three dimensional representations of the SF-based artist organic otherworldly paintings and were first revealed in this year’s Burning Man. Made in Berkeley, California at the Artworks Foundry, Martinez utilized a mixture of modern and ancient techniques in order to create the 9-foot, 2500-5000 lb., bronze sculptures. Two of the sculptures are reminiscent of molecules, while the third takes on the shape of a Torus energy field. Each sculpture took three to four months to create. They were first designed using 3D Printing, and then transformed into the sculptures you see here using the ancient “lost wax” technique, a technique pre-dating the Bronze Age (3,700 B.C.E.). The sculpture was welded from 70 different pieces, each ranging 2-3 feet in size. Part of the intent is to encourage a dialogue of placing more public sculptures in and around San Francisco. Our archives is the treasure chest. Just open it and you’ll see. posted by Margaret Cross Connect is a partner of the Minuscule community network
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Artist’s Almanac 2016 by Ben Grib / Annika de Korte / Essie Letterpress / The South / Russell Abrahams / Frané Els / Ninjabreadboy / Si Maclennan / Andrew Footit / Quintin Weyer / Jesse Breytenbach / Karabo Poppy Moletsane
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