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Posted: 6.4 hours ago
New and improved ref of Rose! I️ got a suggestion from @scribblygryphon to use this color palette, and so I️ changed her colors so that they are more appealing to the eye! Please use this reference from now on when drawing Rose! (The only tweak I️ made in her actual design was her tail, I️ made it more like an Eevee tail so it has dark and light colors, instead of just one color!)
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Full name: PatckLee Roze Walsh Badge name: Roze Soldier ID (Number): 711 Occupation(s): bomb maker/Explosive wiring Blood type: O+ Active/Inactive?: Active Interested in joining the Discord server?: yes please :)) Age: 28 Sex/gender: Male Weight: 170 Height: 6'8 Race/Ethnicity: Irish Nationality: Gael Country of origin: Ireland Language(S): Gaelic, minimal english. Reason why they joined: struggled to be careful, meaning not capable of other jobs. Joined army to be rough and not cause trouble. Time in the Army: 2 years Likes Fireworks Mysteries Carrying soldiers Exercise Jumpstarting cars Dislikes To much talking Being near/alone with comanding officers Having to visit medics The sound of walki talkies and speakers. Personality: patcklee tends to be a quiet man, though he can understand english he struggles speaking it. Hes efficient with following orders but can get argumentative depending on orders. Can be precieved as dumb but gets stressed when told hes acting as such. Hes extremely strong and makes a good sheild. Appearance Description: Tall, broad shoulders. Dark green eyes with teeth filed to be sharper. He has fluffy sideburns, chin scruff and shaved head besides mohawk esc pale blonde hair. Missing left arm and covered in light scars from being shocked. He has a bit of stomach chub and muscular legs. He also has earrings at the top of both ears. Bio: Childhood: adopted at age 5, raised by an elderly couple in a nice farm house, worked in fields and learned to cook. Never had siblings or met grandparents but overall raised a healthy child. Teenage hood: his adoptive parents died around this time due to old age but due to his knowledge with farming , cooking and self care he lived in the house still. This is also when he learned how to make homemade explosives and fireworks. Adulthood: through his early twenties, he moved from the farm house and to apartments scattered around the area, and soon exhuasted by his klutz like tendencies, he enrolled in the army and moved yet again. He lost his arm during the first year in the army due to a mistake with a grenade he made.
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Corvo Attano, 23 years old The good old days, it had been 10 years since Corvo and Daud met and became friends over mutual interests, and a fight that Corvo won. Corvo was very playful and energetic in the good old times. His partnership with Daud allowed him to be, Daud’s serious nature playing off Corvo’s perfectly, the two men completing each other, in a sense, thus why their friendship and partnership lasted for so long. Corvo was more of a talker than Daud, letting him converse well with the citizen’s of Yharnam, and it got them out of a burning death a few more times than they would care to admit. Corvo had a lot of confidence and much more spirit in the Hunt than Daud, often to the point Corvo would move as in a dance around Beasts, teasing them and egging them on with quick hits in succession while Daud took care of the more brutal hits, Daud could even decapitate Beasts, due to Corvo distracting them. Corvo smiled the most. - Ref for Corvo! A zoom in of his head, since I liked it a lot;
#bloodborne au #dishonored #corvo attano #ref #was on time I got this finished. it's not the best but hey- I finished it! :D
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