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The stories of the Mayan people are wonderful in their tales of spirituality, culture, and society. The question of where did the Mayan people go equals the astonishment for their contributions to mathematics, medicine, and theology. I was born in the United States son of a Mexican mother and a Salvadoran father. So naturally i was not exposed to the current mestizo (mexican and salvadoran) and indigenous Maya. I read this to learn more about that culture. J. Eric S. Thompson writes in his book the more relevant story of the demise of the Mayan came from their infighting and disputes between tribes rather than. The names of the gods are well preserved in this writing and inclusion of many historian works of the regions languages. It also touches on the rituals that the priests would host and their significance behind them. It shows the importance medicinal and religious of tobacco, cacao, maize, and gauyaba. This reading can be very overwhelming for someone who does not have prior knowledge on the subject so a book explaining who the Maya are and their general accomplishments is highly recommended. This writing is clearer on specific details and differentiates general mayan traditions by each population (Chorti, Pokoman, Yucatec, Pipil, etc.). I hope you enjoy. And like me, if you are hispanic and would like to learn about the indigenous roots of the region south of Central Mexico to North Nicaragua i highly recommend this book.
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