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New typeface by Kimmy Design. This font was partially inspired by the wizarding world of Harry Potter and all the fun ways the books and movies treated printed materials. Also inspired by vintage books and the pages within, Appareo is an imperfect, worn serif font that comes in three weights. Each weight is has a varying degree of distress, from Black, in which the press and ink fully set into the page, to Medium, Light and Extralight, where the texture is heaviest. Each weight also has a custom italics version of each character. To fully give the authentic feel of worn pages of dusty of books, Appareo has 5 character variations assigned through Contextual Alternatives using Opentype features. This allows no two same letters to ever be found near each other. Appareo also has a set of graphic elements, including frame, banners, borders, arrows, etc in the same style and texture.
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