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Welcome to Comic Cover Friday where we take a look at comic covers featuring Jean Grey and examine some of the details and plot points from within the book to learn more about Jean Grey! If you have any suggestions for Jean Grey Comic Covers that I should feature and examine please feel free to message me and I will gladly look into them! This Week the cover I have chosen to highlight is: X-Men The End Book 1 Dreamers and Demons Issue #3 Cover Title/ Book Title: Dreamers & Demons: Dream A Little Dream The Cover: This comic book is apart of a series published by Marvel called The End which features stories set in an alternate universe where various characters and teams reach the end of their stories and lives. This series is about the X-Men, with this beautiful cover featuring Jean. I absolutely love how Jean looks on this cover. Her outfit is simplistic but still evokes her iconic Phoenix look with the green leather and giant Phoenix emblem on her chest. And the flames engulfing her look powerful and brighten up the cover beautifully. The Comic Book: On the Starjammer, Aliyah is haunted by recurring nightmares, which Carol Danvers and Phoenix discuss. Jean reveals that she sensed a malevolence approaching Aliyah. In the ship’s infirmary, Nightcrawler still sits by the sleeping Nocturne’s side, hoping that she will recover and return with him to Earth to become part of his family. On Earth, Mr Sinister and his allies reveal one of the blue slavers to be an undercover agent: Cerise, Shi’ar agent – who, according, to Sinister has been betrayed by her Empress Lilandra – is killed by them and Sinister announces that it is time for them to make their next move. In Hollywood film producer, Jubilee tries to calm Nightcrawler’s wife, the worried Kymri. In Africa, husband and wife, Hank McCoy and Cecilia Reyes, are puzzled by the growing number of mutants losing their powers. In the Neverland containment complex, prisoner Danielle Moonstar makes a desperate attempt at psychically reaching her soulmate, Rahne Sinclair, and fails. In Hong Kong, X.S.E. members Iceman, Monet and X-23 finally manage to apprehend rogue X-Man, Sage, but only after Sage imprinted X-23 with the Malice choker for some obscure reason. In the Hindu Kush, Cable and Irene contact X-Factor, only to see the X-Factor plane, with Domino on board, be shot down by parties unknown. (Synopsis courtesy of UNX.Net)
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