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The Ample Angelz are coming out with a 2019 calendar! To apply to be a part of it you must first be an official Ample Angel and you must send 4 or more photos in an email to us clearly marked as “Calendar”. The photos do not have to be professional. You must own them 100% and they must not have logos, watermarks or writing of any kind on them. NO SELFIES! Suggestions for photos are various seasons and holidays Graffiti backgrounds Sunset/sunrise backgrounds Outdoors Nice backdrops Themes are just suggestions and not requirements. These calendars will be for sale. No free calendars to ANYONE. All proceeds will be going towards the upkeep of the Ample Angelz site(s) and projects, as all expenses come directly out of my pocket. The calendars will be professionally published and available online for purchase before the end of the year. There are no promises or guarantees of which Angelz will be chosen for the calendar. There are no favorites, and everyone is given the same chance. A panel of 4 will be making the final decisions about who will be in the calendar. (Molly Roxx) is not one of the 4. The deadline for sending in photos is Sept. 25, 2018. Please send all photos to email: All entry emails must be clearly marked as “Calendar”.
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