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#FlintWaterCrisis: Residents of Flint affected by the contaminated-water crisis have added a new complication to their lives: an outbreak of shigellosis, a bacterial illness that is easily transmitted when people do not wash their hands. There has been an increase in the gastrointestinal illness, which can lead to severe diarrhea, fever, nausea, vomiting, cramps and stools containing blood and mucus. People aren’t bathing because they’re scared & don’t want to expose themselves or their children to the water ever again. People are scared to touch or use the water. Instead, folxs have been relying on baby wipes which they get for free at bottled water distribution centers. But baby wipes don’t kill bacteria or replace hand washing with water resulting in an outbreak of #Shigellosis. ———— Reminder that no one has been arrested or fined for intentionally poisoning a mostly poor Black city. Reminder that Flint still doesn’t have clean water more than two years later. Reminder that Flint residents are running out of the bottled water that they use to cook, drink & bathe themselves with & the filters they were given to use don’t filter out lead or other contaminants in their water. Reminder that last year Flint residents faced one of the worst outbreaks of Leggionaires’ disease in US history. Reminder that the state told residents the water was safe to drink & use & encouraged them to do so when they KNEW the water was poison. Reminder that Flint residents can’t sell their homes that are now essentially worthless - trapping them in a city that is slowing killing them. Reminder that Flint residents were intentionally poisoned with lead contaminated water - whose effects on mental & physical health & development are devastating and will affect them and their children for decades to come. Reminder that Flint residents tried to sue the government that poisoned them & were legally barred from doing so. Reminder that many poor communities of color all around this “great 1st world nation” have similarly poisoned their residents & done nothing to help them. #ArrestGovSnyder #JusticeForFlint #AguaEsVida
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