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Posted: 5726.3 hours ago
Ashani sketch. I actually have a few smash and icons sketches that i havent posted. Maybe ill get to that. #ashani #iconsgg
#ashani #iconsgg
Posted: 8095.8 hours ago
i made an angsty-ish ashani mix unforunately a few of the songs have been blocked by playmoss you if you want the full experience youll have to click the link and listen to those songs on youtube. there was no way i could avoid this sry (i tried and playmoss told me to fuck off) lms if u listen as usual
#my art #ashani #eye trauma2222
Posted: 8168.8 hours ago
u know when u have an old cat adn u get a kitten and the kitten wants to play but 90% of the time the old cat just wants to nap and then one day the old cat decides to play too and the chase eachother around like idiots and it looks absolutely absurd when the little cat is sitting on top of the old cat and the old cats just laying there like ‘its chill’
#my art #ashani #peanut
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