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Perseverance Valley Panorama : Mars exploration rover Opportunity’s parting panorama from Perseverance Valley spans 360 degrees in this false color mosaic. The scene is composed of 354 individual images recorded through 3 different color filters by the rover’s panoramic camera from May 13 through June 10, 2018. A few frames remain in black and white at the lower left though. Those were obtained through only one filter just before a dust storm engulfed Mars in June 2018, ultimately ending the solar-powered rover’s trailblazing 15 year mission. Just right of center, the annotation identifies Opportunity’s entry point to Perseverance Valley along the Endeavor crater’s western rim. The rover’s tracks begin there, extending from over the horizon toward the far right and its final resting spot on the Red Planet. via NASA
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I guess I’m just in the mood to draw my really old OC’s these days. This guy is from a comic strip I used to make in my sketchbook back in high school where I personified the celestial bodies of our solar system for the sake of making dumb nerd jokes with them. Mars was my favorite of the inner solar system family, mainly because it was so easy to take the piss out of him. His relationships with Earth, Jupiter, Phobos, and Deimos were fun, too, and he has a bit of a tragic backstory involving what happened to the life on his surface. He hasn’t been the same since…the incident. Maybe I’ll revive the comic some day. Some of the characters need a redesign, but Mars has always been pretty solid. I clearly still haven’t learned how to draw hats and beanies, though. But I WAS A PROPHET! I PREDICTED PLUTO’S HEART! AHAHAHHA! Pluto was a joke character based on those little cringey emo Pon & Zi characters that were popular around 2010 (look them up for a blast from the past) and he had a heart patch on his shirt as a reference to them. The look on my face when we got that first amazing hi-res image of Pluto years later and it ACTUALLY HAS A HEART ON IT LMAO
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This Friday, how about some new chipmusic to warp your own little personal bubble of spacetime with? Enjoy Guérin’s debut (FINALLY ♥) in ‘Magnetosphere’! 🚀 ✨ \m|♥|m/
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