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Tune in to AB+L right now to hear Producer Cory Mo discuss his NEW music on both the #Boomiverse and #TLC albums / @day1radio - We are on @ablradio right now with producer @corymomusic Tune in for some country rap tunes courtesy of @djwallysparks and a great interview! - #HIPHOP #POP #countryraptunes #abl #radio #podcast #pimpc #bigboi @countryraptunesradio @countryraptunes @cherrellrene @chinarabutler @darealpimpc
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Album Review by Bradley Christensen Big Boi – Boomiverse Record Label: Epic Release Date: June 16 2017 <!-- more --> The last time I talked about the not-weird half of Outkast (okay, that’s unfair to say, but Andre 3000 is a bit of an odd character in the world of hip-hop and R&B; I mean that in a very good way, though, because I enjoy his stuff a lot), being Big Boi, it was a couple of years when I listened to the “supergroup” formed by him and the indie band Phantogram. It was called Big Grams, or something like that, but it wasn’t all that good. I mean, that project was okay, but I didn’t particularly like it much. I enjoy Big Boi, but I felt like he wasn’t the best fit for that sound. I’ve always enjoyed his southern flow, and when he’s good, he’s really good, so when he announced a new solo album, I was interested in checking it out. Despite its dumb title, Boomiverse (yeah, that’s really its name) was shaping up to be a cool album. A couple songs from it from came out, one of which featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5, and the other featuring Killer Mike of Run The Jewels, the latter of which I’m not a big fan of. I just reviewed the new David Banner album, The God Box, and I talked about the album is pretty much a mixed bag, which is weird, because I feel very similarly about this one. Boomiverse is a good album, and I’d argue it’s a little better than The God Box, but it’s very much a mixed bag. The album’s very unfocused, as Big Boi goes through a lot of different styles on the album, but some tracks just shine better than others. With that said, when the album is great, it’s truly great, and there are some awesome songs here, but the album’s a bit too long, bloated, and exhausting for its own good. I’d say this album is a bit better than The God Box, only because it’s a bit shorter, and the experimentation works a bit better. There aren’t as many styles that Big Boi goes through here, there aren’t as many guest stars, and the biggest thing that works to its advantage – Big Boi himself. Yeah, it’s no surprise that the best thing about this album is himself, but Big Boi comes through with some of the best bars and verses of his career. Myke C-Town from Dead End Hip-Hop put it best in their review, where he talks about how Big Boi can rap over any beat, even the worst beats possible. “All Night” is a song with this chinzy, cheesy, and not very good piano line that has a beat kick into it, and the beat itself isn’t good at all, but with Big Boi rapping over it, the song oddly works. It’s a catchy, energetic, and banger of a song. Only Big Boi could pull that off. Big Boi slays over every beat on this thing, and he’s consistently great, even if the songs themselves are “meh” in one way or another. No song on this project is bad, or even one that I don’t care much about, but it’s very unfocused and messy a lot of the time, plus there are songs that easily stick out more than every other. When this album is great, it’s fantastic. Songs like “Kill Jill,” “In The South,” and “Order Of Operation” are southern bangers, which is where the album shines best, but even on some of the other tracks, the ones that are more experimentation, the album sounds great. “Mic Jack,” featuring Adam Levine, is surprisingly a really good song, but that’s not because I’m going to make Adam Levine joke about how he’s terrible, or something, but this is a pop song. You’d think that wouldn’t work, but Big Boi makes it work, and he flows effortlessly over this track. Like I said about The God Box, however, the vocals are the most consistently great thing about the project, and everything else is a relatively mixed bag. There’s nothing bad on this album, and I enjoy listening to every track, but I’m mixed on certain aspects here. The main two, which you could predict if you saw my review on The God Box, is that the lyrics and sound are what I’m most mixed on. The lyrics, well, they’re not as jarring or as unfocused as The God Box, thankfully, because they’re nothing too deep, meaningful, or really full of substance. I’ll be honest, Big Boi’s never been a deep or thought provoking lyricist, and that’s fine, but the lyrics are a bit better on certain tracks. “Kill Jill,” “Mic Jack,” “In The South,” and a handful of others are really good, but you have some tracks that don’t work as well. “Get Wit It,” which does feature some smooth bars from Snoop Dogg, “Chocolate,” or “Overthunk,” even though that track features a nice hook from Eric Bellinger, are some tracks that just don’t work that well lyrically. I mean, they’re not bad, but they’re just nothing worthwhile. The sound, though, is where things get a bit more interesting, because that’s where the unfocused criticism comes into play. This album is very unfocused, and like I said, it’s not as bad on here, compared to The God Box, because the songs work a bit better. It’s still very noticeable, though, because some tracks have an electronic sound to them, such as “Chocolate,” a pop sound, such as “Mic Jack,” or they go into some southern hip-hop, such as “Kill Jill,” and while none of those songs are bad, I find myself getting more hyped for the pop and southern jams, versus the more electronic-tinged songs. Big Boi slays over them, sure, but the instrumentation doesn’t do much for me. Overall, though, I really enjoy this album. Is it album of the year material? Eh, not really, because its unfocused sound and forgettable lyrics on some tracks bog it down a bit, but when it works, it works surprisingly well. This is a really solid LP that fans of Big Boi or Outkast really need to look into.
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