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Bra review: “Virginia” by CORIN In 2016, I gained a lot of weight. I started the year with 136 lbs. By June, I was at 155 lbs. With weight gain comes breast size changes too.. I went from a 34DD/ to a 36DDD/80F. Since then, my size has been as unstable as a rollercoaster! I am currently a 34DDDD/75G but in some other styles I am a 36DDD/80F which is the sister size. First impressions & first try I first discovered the existence of CORIN when I started working at Lilianne Lingerie in 2016. When we first received the bra, I thought it looked massive: the cups were full-coverage, the band and straps were large, it didn’t look really feminine to me (and to my coworkers). The cup is “spacer” fabric, which is not too thick, that was the only positive thing I liked about it back then. I hate thick cups that make your breast look a size bigger. I have enough with my 34G, I don’t need them bigger than they already are. Since my size was available in that bra, I had to try it and show it to my colleagues so they see how it looks on a busty girl. And.. wow. I never had that much support in my life (that sounds sad but you know I mean BREAST support, okay). I still wanted to wait before buying it. <!-- more --> My honest review I bought my first CORIN later in 2016. It was a navy one, in 36F. I wore it so much. I’d wash it and wear it over and over again! Since then, I bought “Virginia” in red, mocha and beige. I try to buy only one per year! It’s the perfect bra to wear under a t-shirt. It’s airy, looks massive but feels light, gives me so much support that when I bounce, the breasts don’t move out of place. Pretty cool, right? The elastics of the band seem to go back to normal after every wash, which means it’s good quality. That’s also the reason why they’re still looking brand new. The ultra light spacer cups never lost their shape! Do I suggest it? YES. Not only “Virginia” has good support, the cup is breathable so not excessive sweating during heat waves, the large band maintains good posture and relieves the weight on the back, and the straps don’t dig in your shoulders. Yes they look massive but at last your breasts have a round shape and don’t jiggle. Your shoulders and back will thank you at the end of the day. Value for money In 2016 it was sold at $79 CAD at our store. But with the years, it has gone up a lot (just like the other brands we sell). It’s now sold at $92 CAD. It’s not the priciest bra I’ve bought, so for me and my breast size, it’s the price I have to pay for a good support. Rating of “Virginia” Overall look: ★★★★☆ Support: ★★★★★ Value for money: ★★★★★ About the brand CORIN is a brand from Poland. The brand spent over a year trying to create the “perfect bra”. They worked with engineers and were supervised by professor Marek Z. of the head of the Oncology Surgery and The Clinic of Breast Diseases. After testing the support of this bra on different women, they proved a well designed bra can help reduce pressure and increase comfort. Every bra they manufacture go through this same process. They have other styles, with lovely details and cute lace. Yes, more feminine than the “Virginia” (style 17871). They even sell bathing suits! You can see their collections here. Check out their website here.
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