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X-MEN BEACH DIVORCE POSE! I made my first couple pose. Again, for a friend of mine who loves X-Men and ships Cherik. I’m sorry if they don’t look like Charles/Erik - I mean, at least I tried. You could use this pose if someone’s dying or idk - whatever might come up to your mind. I do not own the CC in these pictures, just the pose is mine! Credits to the CC creators! About this pack: 2 poses I put 62px custom thumbnails. So I hope they show up in your game Poses described as detailed as possible Serenitatem - X-Men Beach Divorce Pose Male 2 (Charles) looks really sad in my pictures, I know - that’s because I tend to pull the mouthcorners down when I create a sim. So don’t worry - it should look fine in your game About the poses: Male 1: Kneeling, holding Male 2 (Charles) Male 2: Being held by Male 1 (Erik), biting his lip You’ll need: Andrew’s Pose Player Teleport Any Sim Don’t reupload or claim as your own Tag me on Tumblr or Instagram if you use it, I’d love to see it! Have fun with it! DOWNLOAD | (SFS)
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RULES & GUIDELINES - May only use ONE sim. Download someone from the gallery, create your own, use an EA townie, whatever. Make sure you’re 100% pleased though because you’ll be stuck with them till the end! - CAN NOT change Sim’s genetics, body shape, etc. (Hair, contacts and such are free game, but try not to alter anything that couldn’t be easily changed irl.) Day 01: Your Favorite Color Day 02: Business Presentation Day 03: Destination Wedding Guest Day 04: Dance Class Day 05: Meeting the Parents Day 06: Home Improvement Day 07: Lazy Sunday Day 08: Music Festival Day 09: Hiking Trip Day 10: Graduation Day Day 11: Royalty Day 12: Secret Agent Day 13: Comic Convention Day 14: Ski Trip Day 15: Grade School Teacher Day 16: Disco Fever Day 17: Springtime Picnic Day 18: Pop Star Day 19: Professional Athlete Day 20: Day at the Beach Day 21: Red Carpet Day 22: Flight Attendant Day 23: Stepford Housewife (or husband) Day 24: Teenage Emo Phase Day 25: 60′s Bohemian
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Nosso Discord: Nosso Facebook: Nosso Site[Hentai]: Nosso Instagram: @zokuecchi
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