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Posted: 5.8 hours ago
Coffin as garbage in Dimapur Airport premises.! @kin_jmr writes; In school I learned from my teacher “DON’T LITTER THE ENVIRONMENT, KEEP YOUR SURROUNDINGS CLEAN.” I believe all the people learn the same at school. People throw waste but in my life I saw for the first time people throwing coffin just at the road. People has lost their shame, they have become selfish, they don’t care about the society and the culture. But I urge the people please this kind of things are not meant to de dumped on the road side so please don’t litter our environment. #coffin #garbage #dimapurairport (at Dimapur Airport)
#coffin #garbage #dimapurairport
Posted: 24.3 hours ago
Introducing… Dragula!! I’ve got some finishing touches to work on, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this cute little vampire dragon! #coffin #vampire #dragon #ooak #ooakartdoll #collectible #vampireteeth #bloodsucker #halloweenart #nightwalker #redandblack #artforsale #dragonhorns
#coffin #vampire #dragon #ooak #ooakartdoll #collectible #vampireteeth #bloodsucker #halloweenart #nightwalker #redandblack #artforsale #dragonhorns
Posted: 53.2 hours ago
I think up until I left that island, I’ve only experienced 3 funerals. One, when I was barely 4 or 5, for my maternal grandma. Another one, when I was 13, for my maternal grandpa. I remembered he gave his breath on the day I got my first necktie. Neckties in a school uniform context are just thought to be a unisex thing, just part of the uniform thing, but I totally see the masc side of it that I wear it as much as I can. And another one, when I was 14, for a friend’s dad. The thing about this island is that it has a lot of beautiful reminders of colonialism. Many places have colonialist related wars and resistance, but my island happened to be chosen to commemorate the Australian army and air force who died as prisoners of war in Borneo during the 1940s. Not even for our own people. Not for the nameless villagers who may have died as a result for all these struggle for power and land. But yeah, they also have some nameless graves for unidentified people. Our history books did mention about all these wars, but the thing is, I don’t think I’ve came across someone who could tell me why our land must bear these reminders and what does it mean to not repeat it again.
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