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Hey! I’m Tyson, also known as CrimsonMage, and I’m an artist opening up commissions! I’m currently opening up 4 slots, so if you’re interested contact me at More information under the read more! <!-- more --> Slots: Open Open Open Open Payments will be upfront and and through Paypal in USD. If you have any questions about costs, what I will or won’t do, or if you’re just confused about anything, don’t feel afraid to ask! Especially complex commissions may call for additional charges. If you want to see my work, I have an art-only blog at
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COMMISSION - Candace and Toshinori balldancing Art made for @bunn-4-all. Candace is Bunn’s property while All Might/Tohinori Yagi is preperty of our beloved Horikoshi Kohei sensei. Please don’t steal, use or reproduce the art. Thank you! I loved to make this art and practice with couple poses! wips and more on [twitter] support with a [ko-fi]
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Hey everyone! I’ve updated my commission information for Fall 2018! I’ve scrapped the “sketch” tier, adjusted my rates a bit, added more samples of past work, and just generally spiffed the whole thing right up. As always, if you’d like more details about how to get a commission done, you can check out my info page HERE, or just send me an email/DM and I’ll respond quickly. These slots have been filling up pretty quickly lately, and I’ll have to close them when I go back to school in 3 weeks, so if you wanna get one, don’t wait! It could end up being a few months before I have time to open them fully again. For those who don’t already know, I’ve got a move coming up later this month, and I have to buy an expensive new computer for school pretty soon as well, so every commission makes a tangible difference and I seriously appreciate all the support I’ve gotten thus far! Y’all mean the world to me! ♥♥♥ (btw signal boosting would be great, thanks!) ♦ Twitter ♦ Instagram ♦ Ko-fi ♦ Commission info ♦
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I recently took in an orphaned kitten from the street. She’s doing well, but she has an infection and will need medical attention and regular vet visits, as well as meds. I’m already way in over my head after paying for her first vet visit and supplies, so I’m opening these to help fund the rest. I have limited time on my hands so to make sure no one is left waiting, I’ll be doing character portraits for 3,5$. +1 per additional character +2 for a blinking animation (gif) If you can’t or don’t want to purchase, please consider reblogging. It will really help both me and little Bean. I’ve included a picture of her under the cut. <!-- more --> And here is a video of her purring :’)
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