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HEY ALL reopening commissions to make some extra $$$ for living expenses. I know I haven’t been all that active online the past year due to work, so if there’s anything you’ve wanted me to draw, now’s the time to make that happen! :^) Slots are limited to FIVE of each commission type (portrait/creature) at this time! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING FOR COMMISSION INFO/CONTACT (cut for length) <!-- more --> - OCs and fanart are fine - Character portraits are single character only, shoulders up. - Creatures can be animals, monsters, anthropomorphic animals, and mutated humans. - Creature price complexity basically ranges from a pikachu to bahamut from final fantasy. - I accept payment through ONLY Paypal - I won’t draw NSFW - Payment is required before I start on a commission. - I generally finish commissions 1-3 weeks after receiving them, but due to the fact I work full time and will most likely need to work through multiple commissions, it can take up to 1-2 months. - If you would like a commission done by a certain date, it must be commissioned at least 1 week beforehand. - If you feel like a commission is taking too long and you are no longer interested, a refund is available if I have not started on it yet. - You must provide VISUAL reference for your characters. This can be a drawing, a photo, or even a collage of images from different sources; so long as it shows what your character looks like. I will not accept your commission if you do not have reference for me. - basically provide enough reference for me so that I do not have to do any research in order to draw your character unless you want me to draw whatever I feel like. - You are free to use your commissioned piece however you want EXCEPT for commercial use (ie mass-production,reselling, etc.) If interested, send me an email at feriowind[at]gmail[dot]com with the heading “Commission”, and include what kind of commission you would like.
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hey everybody help a guy out since he’s staying in japan for an extra month to teach kids english and needs to eat and clothe himself somewhat decently (that guy is Me) PM me if you wanna work out a deal. i’ll provide you with my email and all that jazz for paypal and once your payment is sent, i’ll get to work on your commission. check out my art tag and my paid commissions tag to see more of what my art is like. go ahead and buy me a coffee if you would prefer thanks y’all
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Hello! I am in need of money, so I opened a ko-fi account, and since I don’t have a lot of followers (yet), I thought of using it for quick and ‘tiny’ commissions, so you won’t leave empty handed! (But if you want to just donate that would be Really appreciated too) You can support me (and help me be able to pay my utilities) by buying me one coffee (or as many as you like), then writing in the support message who would you like me to draw next, and I will post it in 1-5 days on my tumblr and my ko-fi account, If you don’t want me to post it, tell me in advance.!! Things I Will draw: idols, actors or actresses, singers. basically any famous person. anime/cartoon characters you, your friend, a family member, as long as you send a good reference picture it’s alright! Things I Won’t draw: nudes/porn backgrounds (just some gradients or blurried ones, sorry) animals note: Since this is kofi and not patreon or other plataform, and to keep things simpler, I didn’t put any head shot / bust / full body options If something you would like isn’t listed here, message me beforehand so we can agree on the commission! It is my first time opening commissions, so please be patient. If you can’t pay anything, I would appreciate it if you reblogged or shared this! Thank you
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