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Posted: 0.9 hours ago
So, here is my ‘Cuphead’ oc, Candela Wick, a candle girl from goodness knows where. She will either beat her enemies with her cap (or 'snuffer’ according to Dad), whip hot wax at you, or summon wax puddles to take on the form and movements of her opponents. She sold her soul so she would never burn out and have some pretty cool abilities, but it has turned her into a sadistic witch. This is actually her second phase. First phase she’s a lot more sweet is mostly self-defensive. I tried to make it look like the style of the game. I know I failed, but I wanted to try. I’ll post the doodles of all her forms soon and I’m working on Death Messages and move set concept art.
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Posted: 1.5 hours ago
This would have been a fantastic reference thirty pages ago Google why did you fail me
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