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We at Culture Machine are looking for kickass graphic designers to work for us full time in our Mumbai office. You’ll work on our print, on air, digital and merchandise projects. Get in touch with us with your work and for more info on And spread the love! #graphicdesignjob #designjob #wearehiring #graphicdesignhire #hiringdesigners (at Culture Machine)
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An interview is a crucial 10-15 minute conversation, explaining why you are the best and only option. And depending on how well it goes, it can dictate the way you live your life the next couple years. No pressure. Today, I played the role as the interviewer. It gave me new insight on how to be a better and prepared interviewee. I hope this helps you too! + HOW TO: The best way to prepare you for an interview is simple, study YOURSELF. (Well, it’s also important to have background knowledge of the company your applying for.) In an interview for a creative job they want to get a sense of who you are (morals, style, goals). The following are questions you should ask yourself. Stray from being generic, the more specific the answers the more interesting the conversation will be. What inspires you? What publications or blogs do you subscribe to? And why do you find those enjoyable? What is your process? How do you translate your research/inspirations into your work/designs? What are your soft skills? What are your hard skills? What are your long-term goals? What interests you about our company? What are you hoping to get out of working here? By answering these questions you can hone in on who you are as a designer. You will go into that interview feeling confident and leave knowing you did your best because you were yourself. + WHAT TO BRING: You should always bring your portfolio and sketchbook with you. It really demonstrates your creative process and skills. It is also a great way to start a conversation and when your explaining each project the interviewer can get a sense of your passion.
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