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Breathe Balm | Mollie Muriel Having a cold that blocks your nose and congests your chest is truly one of the most unpleasant things in the world. You dream of the days when you took your lovely nose for granted, breathing in and out of it, smelling things, not blowing it a million times (can you tell I’ve just gotten over a cold!?) The traditional cold and flu balms that you get at the chemist work, but are also traditionally full of chemicals too. This all natural blend has all the same properties to help you recover but without the nasties. Make a few pots and share with family and friends - they will be grateful when the time comes to use it!
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Iron On Floral Tennis Shoes | The Pretty Life Girls How do you make a pair of plain white tennis shoes completely one of a kind tennis shoes? With iron on transfers of course! With a sheet of iron on paper and a colour printer you can put literally any picture on your feet. I adore this floral print and the leather laces, but I’m thinking I might equally love a turquoise leopard print with rope laces or a Missoni inspired zigzag with black silk ribbon. And with white tennis shoes costing about $5 a pair, you can afford to make a few pairs!
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10 Doily Ideas | Mollie Makes You may have childhood memories of them in your nanna’s house, collecting dust and keeping jars of fake roses from scratching tables. But guys, I’m telling you - doilies are cool! They’re the perfect way to introduce vintage into your life without spending a whole lot of dough. From the traditional lace doily in the form of a pretty curtain, bunting, wall decor and bowls to the paper doily wrapped around posies, tucked inside envelopes or turned into a row of pretty paper trees, there is a craft that will suit any vintage loving gal. I personally love the doily curtain - I think it would be perfect for my bathroom!
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DIY Denim Yarn Tutorial from Crochetbug. Make DIY Denim Yarn out of old jeans that have seen better days. Think Crafts! has a DIY denim yarn scarf tutorial here. Here’s a crochet denim yarn tote from My Recycled Bags here. Another example of using denim yarn, is this crochet denim yarn rug from Lauras Little House Tips here.
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DIY Halloween Bloody Fudge Recipe from The Cafe Sucre Farine. This DIY Halloween Bloody Fudge’s magic ingredient is Marshmallow Fluff. This was originally named “Winter White Red Velvet Fudge”, so it would also be nice for the holidays. For more DIY Halloween Food like edible eyeballs, snakes on a stick, grilled turtles, spiderweb cakes and devil cupcakes go YouTube User Yoyomax12 used Cafe Sucre Farine’s recipe to create her Halloween Bloody Fudge below.
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Creative Ways to Use LEGO in Real-Life Homes:
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DIY: Skinny Snack a Healthy Obsession I want to share with you my new healthy obsession, an snack that it is amazing, have a lot of benefits, beside that it is delicious it’s full of protein. Why this is perfect? Helps you with your metabolism, it is full of fiber so will help you if you suffer constipation, had protein and it is perfect for your muscles, it has natural sugar from the fruit, has helped me with I feel bloated and well it is super healthy! Perfect in the morning, perfect in the night, perfect to share, the perfect snack! It is a skinny snack because it has a good quality of calories! Calories are not bad! Are not the enemy but if you choose them wisely you can have a excelent and balanced life!…read more!
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