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That’s a Horsebee. I mean if you can get Horseflies why not right? He got the bloodcolor genetic mutation of bipartisan brainpans, but he still focuses mainly on his favorite hobby; robotics. He doesn’t really have much in the way of Apiculture ability, it just kind of builds itself around him. It’s haphazard and looks very much like stalagmites and stalactites. Almost as if he’s prone to Caves… Sometimes he gets inappropriately angry and blasts holes in the honeycomb. He uses primarily red and blue wires in his bots. He also smashes them. He has no use for weaponry as he is a high level psiisonic. He hears the screams of the dying and soon to be dead, but he is already inappropriately angry all the time, so he just stays the fuck away from everyone in general. He likes fine art, and displays it on his walls still, as well as having Nepeta for a moirail. He is less angry than her about half of the time, so it keeps her from going full Subjuggulator and eating everyone. Number of horns, teefs, jagged hairline, ear tip number, tongue tip number, and double dicks brought to you by his mutation/blood. He is a lispy motherfucker, and has learned to avoid it through many many years of speech therapy. The sunglasses were a gift from Sollux, funnily enough, because his eyes look like Sol’s favorite glasses and he thought he’d share. ( Part 4 of 12 of the Uragani Bloodswap.)
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