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The Science of Classroom Design Students spend an average of 12,000 hours in the classroom throughout their lifetime. Those hours have a significant impact on their learning and behavior — studies say so. We created a data visualization to show you how. Brought to you by USC Rossier’s Masters of Arts (MAT) Online Teaching Degree
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Banned Books Week! I put together a display for Banned Books Week, which starts today; unfortunately I was told by my administrators that I can’t do a lesson on it, because the English department is teaching a new curriculum this year and they’re worried about fidelity and a BBW lesson “distracting” from the regular unit… So this is the closest I can get. But hopefully it’ll at least inspire some discussion.
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Right now, more than 62 million girls around the world are not in school, half of whom are adolescent. That’s why President Obama is headed to the United Nations today to talk about building sustainable development and how we’re helping let girls learn across the globe. Chawanzi wrote to President Obama from Zambia about girls’ education. Read her letter, then share a yearbook-style photo of yourself telling us what you learned in school using #62MillionGirls to help raise awareness for girls’ education worldwide.
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With the implementation of state standards and assessments to measure student and school performance under the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), many public schools have wound up with their curricula painfully narrowed. In too many schools, the focus on testing in language arts and math has led to the erasure of art, physical education and music programs, as schools, particularly in poorer districts, scramble to keep their heads above water to avoid being labeled “failing,” which puts them at risk of incurring devastating sanctions. The stated goal of NCLB was to bring accountability and additional resources to low-income schools. But a growing list of critics argues that the legislation has instead forced teachers to spend too much of their time teaching to the tests, instead of imparting essential skills to their students — like collaborative and critical thinking — or being able to foster true joy in learning. When standardized tests are one of the only metrics used to assess whether students are learning, schools can often wind up deemed failing, with little regard for what’s actually taking place in the classroom. Journalist Kristina Rizga spent 4 years at SF’s Mission High and learned there was more to success than test scores
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via The Source Of The Student Debt Crisis Is Not Expensive Tuition - BuzzFeed My jaw just hit the floor. Also, it’s surprising not to see Trump University among the Top 25 in 2014.
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The charter school movement has been expelled from Washington state’s public education system, with a Supreme Court ruling late Friday that the privately run schools are not public schools under the state’s constitution. Meanwhile, the quick fix for that sizable hurdle sought by the state’s charter school proponents—a special legislative session—does not appear likely because Washington’s public education sector is embroiled in more controversial and larger battles. Charter school proponents are reeling in the wake of the court’s landmark ruling
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Teachers, especially teachers in WIDA states but really classroom teachers of language learners in general, can you see what this is and why I’m telling you about it on a national holiday? This is not new, but I’ve never come across it: apparently once upon a time UMKC and the North KC school district got a grant and organized many many many many familiar (and perhaps some novel) teaching strategies across the WIDA proficiency levels and domains. The full document further organizes the strategies across principles of academic language learning and provides a full inventory and glossary of what the strategies. What a SUPER useful tool for both setting expectations and helping teachers effectively apply what they know and use with the language learners in their classrooms. ETA: this strikes me as more immediately useful for reluctant teachers than the CAN DO descriptors it closely resembles because it names strategies that teachers use instead of more generic things that students can do.
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