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The #Faction Rallies are underway! Where will your #loyalties lie? Dead Orbit? New Monarchy? Future War Cult? In #destiny2 it is a race between #Guardians for faction glory and accomplishments. Find out more about @destinythegame at the URL in my #Instagram profile. Eyes up, Guardian, and send us your thoughts at 703-791-1701! #ps4 #psn #gamer #console #sciencefiction #adventure #destiny #podcast
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CHURCH OF HELLFIRE The Church of Hellfire is a questionable faction that is located in The Cathedral. Many of its members come from Vault 023 which is located underneath it. The Church’s leader is a man who claims to have a desire of spreading love and peace across the Wasteland, but anyone who has seen him behind closed doors knows better. Despite this, many are blind to the churches underhanded and deceiving ways, instead, following a silver-tongued man of god. Refugees and those accused of crimes come to the Church seeking enlightenment and help. Some suspect the faction to be a cult of sorts. leader: Cassius Giovanni (NPC) headquarters: The Cathedral alignment: Neutral
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BRONZE BROTHERHOOD The Bronze Brotherhood is a group made-up of strong males who band together to protect the Wastelanders; generally focusing on other males. They are often called in when there is word of marital abuse, child predators or slavers, or an infestation. Luxo’s Legion is their biggest foe and they have little to no forgiveness for their actions – their only goal is to save those that have been captured. The Brotherhood crosses the Wasteland in search of others to recruit and will accept anyone so long as they have strong will and desire to protect those of the wastes. Although the Brotherhood generally focuses on males, they have been known to save girls and take them to the nearest Sisterhood camp. They generally wander in big groups with at least one leader, a vice-leader, members and a few children depending. While mostly noble, there have been a few members who have taken their role to the extreme and needed discipline. leader: Kaspian Banner (NPC) headquarters: alignment: Good/Chaotic Good
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