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New shiny character! Info under the cut. <!-- more --> Their name is Xeekai Ongeih. Usually introduces themself as Kai or avoids using their full name. They’re 13 sweeps old and a blueblood. Used to live in a forest of the north and live with their lusus, a cow-fox hybrid. Now they live just outside a little town. They don’t talk, not because they are mute, but because they were raised in isolation from others and never learnt how to talk. Will avoid using their voice when with others because is embarrassed by their pronunciation. Learnt a bit of sign language around 3-4 sweeps by a traveler around their hive. Recently they learnt it more to comunicate but doesn’t use it often. They can’t write perfectly either. Due to the inability to talk, they can’t hold a job for long. To get resources, they will lure strangers in their hive to either rob them or (rarely) kill them. They may lure them just to have “company”. Their tail is natural. Prefers not to show it off or for it to be under the spotlight, but won’t really hide it because it’s uncomfortable.
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