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Final batch guys! Thank you very much @soapallo and @heavenbat for working with me with this, and great job with the designs you both did. And trucking it all the way through the entire project! Adoptable batch collaboration with @Soapallo and @heavenbat in which we took the colors from the Huevember color wheel challenge and turned it as a project in which we draw fantasy based adopts, alternating in colors and all that They’ll be posted every 5 days, 6 adopts in each batch– 2 from each of us– until we finish the color wheel. General Rules and Notices Auction ends on November 24th, 11:59pm(Saturday Night) EST and the next batch’ll go up. Any adopts that were not bidded on will be compiled to be sold under a flat rate price. Reply to previous bidder Min Increments $2 Paypal only, USD. You’ll send payments to the creator of the adopt you’re buying. No fake bids :’) Bid if you’re able to pay! You have 24-48 hours to pay, unless otherwise stated. Failure to pay it’d be offered to the next highest bidder, or be put back up for sale if there were no other bids. Autobid in place: $30 for any of the adoptables Once payment’s done, you get a full res of your new OC without the watermark plus color palette Snipe guard in place: If someone decides to be a butt and bid at the last second to steal from someone else, 30 minutes will be added to the auction/last bid and if people still bid/fight for it it’d be until the final bid is uncontested for 30 minutes. No reselling for more than you paid for unless it comes with additional art to up the value, but be reasonable lol No major editing to where the design is unrecognizable(why buy a design when you’re just going to draw up your own?). Simplifying, Gender change, clothing change, other minor changes are perfectly fine! Species conversion is also very acceptable(since you’re keeping recognizable core concepts rather than make a brand new, unrecognizable OC) No claiming the design as your own original brain child creation– aka, you drew them and thought up their looks all on your own– Soapallo, Heavenbat and Nocturnefox put time and thought into creating these guys for you to enjoy after all! Crediting us for the first run/acknowledging us as the original designers when first posted would be appreciated! Links to bid: - Deviantart: - ~ Furaffinity:
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Here we see that moments before being ‘pancaked’…Chester is saved by…well, luck. Out of nowhere, all of the mechs froze. No one knows why and no one seems to really care. The Creators may be on pause but check out The Monuments! A sci-fi fantasy comic about giant mechs frozen in time…UNTIL TODAY! Debuting at Baltimore Comic Con and New York Comic Con. FOLLOW @THE_MONUMENTS ON INSTAGRAM FOR MORE INFO! THE CREATORS, VOLUME 2: STRENGTH IN UNITY OUT IN FALL OF 2018. PRE ORDER IT HERE New readers, click HERE Thank you so much for reading and reblogging the creators on Tumblr, it helps so much! For chapter PDF’s, a physical copy of chapter one of the Creators or to check out my other work please visit
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New comic series coming next year! Follow it on Facebook to keep up on details as they develop! A tactical team of fairies caught between two wars is sent on a secret mission that they don’t like but when they question their superiors they become the target of every edge of the battle, both mortal and magic.
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