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About 3.5 years ago, I was volunteering where I have worked in for five years. While I was working, a couple came in, and the girl (who was younger than me) had a hospital bracelet on. She “had a miscarriage” that morning. They came in for a meal that afternoon. In the middle of the day, I witnessed the boyfriend hit his girlfriend in my dining room for “mouthing off.” I had him removed. I tried to keep her inside, asking her to stay with us so I could have someone take her somewhere safe. She refused and began to gather her belongings. The man got in my face, threatened me physically, and then grabbed the girl by the arm and dragged her down the block. Once he pulled her into an alley, she began to scream. I took off following them, on foot, while on the phone with the police. The violence continued for five blocks. He attempted to drag her on to the metro before the police arrived. He was subsequently arrested, but the girl refused to speak out against him. I had unknowingly had a child rapist out on parole arrested for another crime. I was subpoenaed to #testify, with a court advocate to accompany me through the process. She never came clean about what an entire dining room saw. She lied on the stand. Did I put myself in danger? Yes. Did I react emotionally? Yes. Did I do what law enforcement recommends in an emergency? No. Would I be okay with anyone I love doing the same? No. Would I have done differently, now? Probably not. In the words of one of my favorite preachers, “When the spirit of justice comes calling, you will realize you are the one you’ve been waiting for.” #rethinkchurch #lent #easterseason #ucc #fcclb #progressivechristian
#progressivechristian #rethinkchurch #testify #lent #fcclb #easterseason #ucc
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