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Posted: 6.3 hours ago
Don’t forget #Flint I got it from @littlemissflint ‘s campaign. Idea: in lieu of flowers for Aretha, we should give water for Flint, MI
Posted: 26.5 hours ago
The world has fallen to a monstrous infection, those who remain must band together to survive. In Upstate New York, heroes and civilians alike are working to build a life, even in the wake of civilisation crumbling. Marvel Zombies RP open character: Jaycen Moderator suggestion for this character: Jaycen is uniquely equipped to protect people around him. With enough concentration his rock armour can cover a few nearby people too. Home || Plot || Rules || Taken/Open Characters || FAQ || Most Wanted
#jaycen #flint #tyler james williams #marvel rp #zombie rp #male #inhumans
Posted: 49.7 hours ago
A split #flint reveals where a $bubble lived in the stone for millions of years after it was formed. (at Nunnington Farm)
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