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So Xavi, do you feel you’ve accomplished much while at Barcelona?
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Arsenal, Nike, 1994/95 from David John The 90s were a great era for GK shirts and this is a great entry to our #firstfootballshirt comp from David John. “Not exactly my very first kit, but what childhood shirt collection is complete without their first keeper jersey? Never saw Seaman wear this, but sure didn’t stop me! Theres an image of a streaker doing pressups, with David in the back ground laughing, wearning this exact top somewhere out there-classic.
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Wayne Rooney trying to peel a potato As requested by Nick Travis Canvas print available here
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FOOTBALL GROUNDS by jamie b edwards “I have been creating pictures of football stadiums and football grounds for six years. As a football fan and landscape artist I was always disappointed by the lack of original ‘football art’. Imagery surrounding the game is increasingly produced under the guise of ‘merchandise’, normally cheaply, mass produced and with little regard for the aesthetic qualities of the modern home. In my football ground art I hope to address this by approaching each ground as if it were any other landscape. I look for fresh and appeasing aspects, features and colours in the ground and its surround environment. My football stadium art is proving very popular as football gifts and football presents. I am continually adding to the series and already have over 50 different football ground prints and paintings already. If your team is missing, then please fill in the request page so I can let you know when it is ready.” Pour davantage de cette foisonnante collection, veuillez cliquer ICI. Vous pouvez également suivre Jamie B Edwards sur ses comptes Twitter et Pinterest.
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KEMARI - COLLECTION by various unknown artists “Kemari is a ball game that is said to have come from China to Japan during the Yamato period approximately 1,400 years ago. There are no winners or losers in this game, the objective of the game being simply to pass the ball to fellow players. In Japan, depending on the era of history, Kemari was enthusiastically played within the Imperial Palace, and written records of Kemari games can be seen in ancient texts and documents dating back to the mid-Heian period. During the Kamakura period, in addition to the Imperial court, the warrior classes also engaged in the sport of Kemari, and through the Muromachi period to the Edo period, the game’s profile gradually increased, and it was mentioned in various places such as Noh theatre performances, Kyogen theatre, and Edo period novellas. However, after the Meiji Restoration, Kemari declined in popularity and in 1903, with a donation from Emperor Meiji, a society to preserve the ancient game was established, resulting in the survival of Kemari to this day. The performance of Kemari is shown to the public. On the occasion of the Kyoto Imperial Palace Public Open Day.”
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