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Posted: 13.7 hours ago
This is the Society of University Pagans’ annual fundraiser, The Fortune Teller Fair. We will be reading tarot cards, crystal balls, along with different types of divination. This year we are raising money to participate in Greater Opportunities for Safe Trick-or-Treating. Because we are supplying candy for over 2,000 kids, we need all the help we can get. If you can’t make it out to Tennessee then please share this to spread the support.
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Posted: 14.5 hours ago
We’re having an impromptu fundraiser for @barcshelter! They’re getting a bunch of cats and dogs from Hurricane Harvey and need some help covering the medical expenses. This flash is by @barisyesilbas. Email for an appointment. #cattoo #bone #dogtattoo #fundraiser #fineline #blackwork #etch #etching #blackworkerssubmission #darkartists #blackwork #btattooing #blackartstattoo #brooklyn #tattoo #vegan #vegantattoo #veganny #veganink #vegantattooer #bushwick #nyc #nytattoo #tattoo #brooklyntattooshop #gristletattoo #barisyesilbas (at Gristle Tattoo+Art Gallery)
#blackwork #vegan #brooklyntattooshop #barisyesilbas #fundraiser #tattoo #fineline #darkartists #bone #nytattoo #veganink #etching #vegantattooer #btattooing #nyc #vegantattoo #veganny #etch #dogtattoo #cattoo #bushwick #blackworkerssubmission #gristletattoo #blackartstattoo #brooklyn
Posted: 18.1 hours ago
The way I was raised makes it very hard for me to ask for help most of the time, but right now my family needs help. The last couple of years have been a rough time for us. The parent company closed the business I worked at for nearly 15 years. This was a company that I did everything I was taught you were supposed to do for, started in an entry level position & worked my way up to manager, & then when it all came down to it they had nothing for me, no offer to transfer, no severance pay, not even paying out my back vacation time. I was just told goodbye & good luck a couple of months before Christmas. Less than a month later I started losing my vision & having numbness in my feet & legs. I ended up in the hospital & was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Treatment was able to mostly reverse my vision loss, but I can't to do a lot of things that I used to. I deal with pain, numbness, & fatigue issues; I can’t lift or carry things like I once could, some days I can’t even carry my daughters to bed. My neurologist has recently cleared me to return to work, so long as it doesn’t require me to me on my feet too much & doesn’t cause me getting over heated, both of which will cause my MS to flare up & put me out of commission for several days at a time. So I’ve been doing hardcore job hunting for a while now. It has been getting increasingly discouraging. I can’t seem to get considered for any entry level positions because I have too much experience & they figure I wouldn’t stick around, but at the same time can’t get any call backs for higher level positions because I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree. One job, that had a required skill list that were exactly what I did for 15 years using the same programs, wouldn’t even let me upload my resume because I didn’t have a degree in design. Another one that was for a buyer position, something I definitely had experience with in getting the materials for print production, sent me the standard “going with a candidate that more closely matches etc etc”, then a few weeks later when I’m talking with someone I know who works at that company complaining (she didn’t know I’d applied) about the new buyer, that the person was fresh out of college & had no idea how to actually do anything, they did a “reply all” on an email to ask how to forward an email. It has just been a parade of things like that. I’ve applied to every job I can find that I’m even remotely qualified for. I’ve had a handful of phone interviews, a few in person interviews, but haven’t gotten any calls back on any of them. I applied yesterday for a job with a local county government as Promotions Manager, a job promoting & getting people to use county owned venues like the amphitheater & such. It is something that would be right up my alley. I really tried to play up my experience working with the local arts community & venues downtown in marketing & promoting events & such, & the contacts I have because of my time in printing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but there is no telling when I might hear back from them. So, here I am, at the end of my rope. I’ve done everything “right,” & I am still doing everything that I know to do, we have cut our expenses to the bone, but right now I need help. I need help to make sure that my daughters have everything that they need, that they are taken care of, & aren’t left in the dark in the Southern heat. If it weren’t for them I don’t know that I would be able to overcome my “bootstraps” upbringing & ask for help, but here I am, humbling myself before the internet, asking, if you can, please help us. You can find our fundraiser at YouCaring, and any help at all, even just signal boosting this, is greatly appreciated. If you’d rather help via paypal you can do that at Thank you.
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#october #breastcancer #breatcancerawareness #breastcancerawenessmonth #hope #event #avon #vendorswanted #vendorevent #fundraiserevent #fundraiser #pink #fightlikeagirl Hay Crustation my mom and I organizing this event. Everyone is welcome. if you are in direct sells message me on here. We are looking for other vendors. My aunt passed from Breast cancer in 2014. It was and is a painful subject for me. My family wants to get a fondation. Set up in Faith’s memory. If can’t come. You can donate at the GoFundMe . In Faith’s memory. Also go to . Purchase any of the beautiful Breast cancer awareness items. The first person to comment. Will get a tip on free shipping.
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Posted: 18.3 hours ago
If theres ever a great time to donate to a charity, here is one now. My cute lil mom is walking for Sick Kids Foundation in the Great Camp Adventure Walk! Any donations will be matched by her company so if you give $25, you will have helped contribute $50 to provide better, healthier lives for kids. Thousands of children and families rely on The Hospital for Sick Children each year and ever dollar makes a difference.…/TR/Eve…/CAMP_17… If you cannot donate, please share and spread awareness of this fundraiser!
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