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I went with the laughter from Origins for that fave characters post, but I murdered myself making this too as an alternative. So now you have to see it. Plus, here’s why it extra murders me: it seems Chat Noir can sense Ladybug’s motions. I saw someone point out that he can probably hear, and it makes sense when looking at this in isolation. Here it is closer up and in slow motion. Look: when she pulls back, he pushes a little into the door as if to follow, until he meets resistance and opens his eyes. Then his expression gets even sadder. It’s not just him, it’s his reaction to her. Ladybug’s arm drops as a bodily expression before it really shows on her face. Bear in mind, we’re assuming Chat can hear, but he definitely can’t see. As a result, both their faces fall at the exact same time. They are way too attuned. It kills me.
#if you love to die and you know it clap your hands! 👏👏 #gifs #ladynoir #love square #the other dynamics indirectly too #er a bit #meta #MEMETAA #no I went father into it than I meant I died even more he wants her to stay so bad and she doesn't want to leave him nooooo #if you're wondering why my locker scene body language meta never happened: look at the above post for a maybe 5s part of one shot
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