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#houston #goals #gains #gainz #determination #determined #dedication #dedicated #motivated #mindset #happy #love #success #lynna #blessed #beautiful #amazing #beastmode #conjure #hoodoo #cardreader #cartomancy #cardreadersofinstagram #rootwork #calypsoconjure #huskiesofinstagram #pippa #corgi #corgisofinstagram #papillon #corillon #lynnaknits #conjureknits #knittersofinstagram🌸 (at Galveston County, Texas)
#houston #goals #gains #gainz #determination #determined #dedication #dedicated #motivated #mindset #happy #love #success #lynna #blessed #beautiful #amazing #beastmode #conjure #hoodoo #cardreader #cartomancy #cardreadersofinstagram #rootwork #calypsoconjure #huskiesofinstagram #pippa #corgi #corgisofinstagram #papillon
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100 + ideas! academics & work learn rather than memorize improve upon your grades from last year participate more in class/sit up front start your homework as soon as you get home do your readings ahead of time get a job/get promoted/move to a job with higher pay reach out for help before you’re struggling keep up with your planner/calendar/bullet journal write down your deadlines as soon as you get them experiment with different notetaking techniques go to a networking event identify ways to beef up your resume and go after those opportunities learn when to let stress go shadow someone at their job learn & create further a hobby that you enjoy read x number of books read all the books on the bbc best books list watch a movie you’ve been wanting to watch learn a skill from this list create a craft create a piece of original art for your home/room read a book in another language become fluent in another language complete nanowrimo learn more about yourself and your values finish something you’ve wanted to do for a while start keeping a journal work on confidence and self esteem create more original content on your blog send a poem or story to a magazine, even if it’s terrible start a small business publish a youtube video learn about something very obscure and specific learn how to cook your favorite childhood dish personal don’t go into debt/get more out of debt find a skinkcare routine find a personal style learn how to create a budget/stick to your budget create a cleaning schedule and stick to it wash your sheets every other week wake up in the morning with one alarm start keeping your dresser drawers organized put things back where they came from the first time donate things in your closet that you don’t wear anymore find what things make you excited stop being late places plan a trip, even if it’s just to the closest city generate a source of side income improve your handwriting become more decisive balance your checkbook more often try being vegetarian for a month deep clean your room attend a book signing get a design patented join a rec-sports team write down what you are grateful for/happy about each day start a collection of original art collect all fifty of the state quarters stop buying impusively find a bathing suit that you don’t hate delete social media accounts that are a negative influence stop checking your phone first thing in the morning get a penpal in a different country vote overcome a fear of something get a professional headshot/photo save x amount of money start to invest health get some exercise try meditation or mindfulness take one day a week to do things that you find enjoyable eat enough servings of vegetables and fruits drink 8 glasses of water a day improve your posture get at least 7.5 hours of sleep a night go to sleep at the same time each night wake up earlier on the weekends cut out soda from your diet eat your vitamins eat healthier snacks meal plan redirect anxiety about things you can’t change use sunscreen interpersonal/community buy thoughtful gifts for people say thank you to someone who helped you in the past apologize to someone who you hurt in the past volunteer regularly get to know your librarians and teachers call home/your grandparents/relatives you see often more get back in touch with old friends make eco-friendly changes in your life take shorter showers use a reusable coffee mug stop buying water bottles find fast-fashion alternatives donate to charity handwrite birthday cards help someone complete a life goal let someone know you love them in a big way teach someone something
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