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Posted: 102.2 hours ago
This is my sweet girl Momma. She’s the mother of my fry brood and my biggest guppy. She and her tank got sick a week or so ago and I lost two of them. I’m down to Momma and Jordan’s Baby, JB only ever had mild symptoms so I isolated him and he made a full recovery. I don’t know what they got sick with so I’ve been treating Momma with Melafix and daily water changes. She has some gnarly red gills but the ammonia only ever got to .25 ppm, refused to eat for several days (that I noticed but the rapid loss of weight suggests it was longer), and dropped a second brood premature. About two days ago she regained interest in food but kept spitting out the bug bites and pellets I normally feed the adults so I’ve been feeding her fry food and bits of boiled egg yolk which she can keep down. Fingers crossed she makes a full recovery!
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Posted: 215.9 hours ago
im posting this bc i have nothing else 2 post for tonite. so me nd my fwiend were talking about how Certain People Have very Sh/ota-esque art styles and how ppl on tumblr dot edu should learn how to make their children and adults look visably fucking different and learn to give even the most “youthful looking adults” actual adult looking fuckin proportions
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Posted: 239.3 hours ago
ik i already posted the first two but… im reuploadign them and posting it with these instead. ill delete the last post with em 8p rw au…VERSION TWO. basically im just resetting all their previous in-game injuries. maybe updating their in-game personalities and of course…they get new starting outfits and hairstyles n stuff. guppys outfit is prollly gonna run out the fastest cos. hes always the first one to get hit during raids, but since im using that combat overhaul mod…im hoping his shit will last longer this time lmao. since hinas mostly melee specialized (but she gets a pistol sidearm..jic) i dont think her armor nd clothes is gonna wear down as quick. esp since her main jobs prolly gonna be research and crafting anyway 8p. monas will prolly run out quick too bc hes gonna be dealing with the farms nd animal taming nd is gonna spend alot of time outside. Unfortunately for him, he is. incapable of violence and therefore must hide inside the whole time during raids
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