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Posted: 87.9 hours ago
Again not a part of my furmaid project but, another commission for one, this time of Sprinkles mixed with a.. mosaic guppy I believe it was =D? It fits him so well. Domesticated guppy, complicated pattern, rainbow colors, I’m glad it fit him =3 What I worked on this time: Obviously backgrounds. It’s a very scribbly background to me at least, but they’re getting a bit more detailed
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Posted: 94.2 hours ago
I just watched one of my female guppies pick up This White Rock from across the tank and deliberately put it in Osiris’ (my betta) log. Apparently I’m no longer in control of decor.
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Posted: 126.5 hours ago
Hewwo Fishblr uwu I rly need some goddamn FISH HELP rite aweigh :// I’m very concerned about my babies’ life quality. My betta Dimitri lives in a small ass cube tank (18 x 14.5), there’s not even enough place for his new heater. My guppies and neon tetras (respectively Four Loko, Woodstock- the gays-, Bé and Vé) live TOGETHER in a 5 GALLON aquarium. My first idea was to put Dimitri in the 5 gallon, that’s the least I could do, but of course he’ll probably try to fight his friends. I’m already lucky that the neons won’t bite the guppies’ tails! In two or three weeks, I’ll get a new aquarium, but I don’t know how much galon I need it to be. Hopefully, I’d get other fish to live with them too so I really don’t know!! The only place I could place it in my bedroom is HERE. How many galon is that, do you think? Could other big fishies live there?? help Back to Dimitri! I bought a new tank a few days ago. It’s also very small - but it has a filter and a heater with a light, too.It’s 1 galon. I figured out it would be best to use him to warm hater before he goes to the 5 galons? Anyway it just feels right to get him away from that silly tank :c You may have noticed the small, blue and white gravel that I use for Dimitri’s tank. I’ve heard that it’s not good for the fish! I’m sorry I sound so unprofesional (fun fact i’m not a profesional neither…) but, is it true? I verified if it was non-toxic. As for the plastic plants, I’m scared too. I don’t know how to SAFELY decorate the tanks. Can ayone guide me? THANKS A LOT ♥♥ again, I know I have done many mistakes here but I’m aware so please try not to be rude to me, even if you might feel like it. :(
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Posted: 153.1 hours ago
The Walrus, Guppy Fish & the Dragon 151 - Rage of the Koalas: Actually standing there The Mayor does what a politician does best - point out half of what’s real and uses it to rile people up to do what he wants. It almost worked, except he didn’t count on Logi to appear like that. Last we ever saw Logi was back at this comic strip: Still, I hope this doesn’t reflect poorly on the guy; anxieties / phobias are heavy stuff. It’s still admirable that he’s out there at all, and the hidden support of Spider behind him shouldn’t detract from that.
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