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Tugtupite and Pyromorphite (LotL - SU Crossover) I’ve been doing a bunch of my SU OCs as Land of the Lustrous Gems/Metals, so I decided to make some of my LotL Gems as Steven Universe Gems. So here’s two: Tugtupite and Pyromorphite. They’re still both nonbinary. Tugtupite is a little shit even in this universe. Meant to be a surveyor for where buildings should go for Pink Diamond, they defected as soon as the Earth War came around. They have an infatuation aura that immobilizes those around them. They also have limb enhancers and hold around the same status as Peridots do. The only reason they didn’t get corrupted during the Earth War was probably because they tripped onto something and poofed, before their gem fell into a hole. Pyromorphite is another story altogether. They came out like any Gem knowing their purpose/job, and has spent the rest of their existence not doing that. No one’s actually sure what their original job was supposed to be. They remain neutral, preferring to watch chaos or cause it. They have green pyrokinesis and poison.
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