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Posted: 4.8 hours ago
@lolivampirequeen​ smooth move, deleting everything once you finally noticed nothing you say makes any sense. your homophobic banter is documented 4ever anyway 1) you cannot be both a trans woman and female. if you aren’t cis, then you are male. if you were female, you wouldn’t be trans. is your own ideology sooo hard to understand? 2) i get it i get it, it’s a totally cool thing to say “lesbians were once straight but then they were raped :3”, to claim homosexuality is a choice based on trauma, to negotiate gay people’s boundaries etc, but telling a male person they’re male “triggers dysphoria” even though their whole oppression rhetoric is built on the fact that they’re males who want to be perceived as female. “lololol the radical kidzzz blocked me, lmao ridiculous” 5 minutes later “omg SOS i will bloc k everyoen help my dssdhoria”. spare me
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