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THESE INDIES #10 : INDONESIA’S INDIE DAY 17th August is marked as Indonesia’s Independence Day. As a part of the celebrations, let us give you the picture of typical Indonesian street situation and introduce you to three rising Indonesian indie bands you need to know. <!-- more --> Coldiac is indie band based in Malang. By picking indie pop genre with 80s retro touch, they successfully released debut album in 2016 “Heartbreaker”. Well, they maybe were dubbed as The 1975′s sound alike, yet they prove themselves by trying softer tunes with fractures, rather than flowing melodies and upbeat as their old works in their recent release “Wreck This Journal”, strengthen their own musical identity. Heals comes from a city called Bandung. The 5 piece-band’s signatures are double guitar riffs, fading vocal effects, plus backing vocals harmonies, make it a perfect shoegazing music. Listening to them is like imagining Foo Fighters and hippo campus collide. No, better try to judge it by yourselves ! Polka Wars is Jakarta based indie-pop band. Well, their genre is unidentifiable as they combine many elements in their music, from folk, rock, electro, ska, etc. “Mokele” is the first single which become their golden ticket in music industry.Hit it so well with the unique lyrics and the bombastic honking, strumming, and beating collisions. They successfully release the debut album “Axis Mundi” last year.
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