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Posted: 11891.5 hours ago
The Chancellor of Germany has called out/warned the US Prez-Elect on his racism/homophobia/xenophobia. Let that sink in. #ItsComeToThis
Posted: 18523.5 hours ago
My husband has been battling all of the staplers in our house. Apparently everyone of them is the most god awful pos to have ever been created by man. When I was shopping he sent me a desperate text message (the man hates texting so any message means something dire occurred) for me to bring home a stapler that won’t attack him and will work. The only stapler in the store I could find that was rated for “business” use (there were different levels it was weird) was a red swingline stapler. I know deep in my heart that he will make Milton proud. #officespace #itscometothis #stapler #red #swingline
#itscometothis #officespace #stapler #swingline #red
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