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Posted: 4.7 hours ago
Hi uh,,,, i doodled three buccellatis I need to draw him more honestly. I love him so fucking much it ???? physically hurts ???? His death left me a Changed Man I wanted to draw him as a child and in casual clothes but also as how he is usually ?? So ??? BRUNO IN A PONYTAIL IS MY W E A K N E S S Leone ur next ;00000 — // DO NOT remove caption or repost/copy/trace/claim as yours. //
#my art #i guess i'll start posting my art here too... #jjba #jojo's bizarre adventure #vento aureo #bruno buccellati #i love him #i love bruno buccellati so much #i love him so much it's not even funny anymore #bruno pls marry me #its so messy aaaaaaaaa #marie's art
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