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Kingfisher sales dented by B&Q dip in UK, weak France Kingfisher (KGF.L), Europe’s largest home improvement retailer, reported another fall in quarterly sales on Thursday, hurt by a slowdown at its B&Q business in the UK, weak sales in France and continued disruption from its restructuring plan. Sourced through from:
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A kingfisher dives from its perch, beating its wings to gain speed. Kingfishers by Charlie Hamilton James Photographer Charlie Hamilton James captures the spirit and secret life of the fisher king with his stunning photographs. Photos: © Charlie Hamilton James A fledgling kingfisher tries to steal a fish from his father. A kingfisher erupts from the water with a fish. Charlie’s personal favourite: a perfect kingfisher with fish. A male kingfisher approaches his riverbank nest to feed his waiting brood. Charlie built a fibreglass nest in the bank so that he could get intimate shots of the kingfisher family. As the kingfisher plunges into the water protective membranes cover its eyes. Male kingfishers fight over territory and may even try to drown each other. A perfect kingfisher river holds healthy stocks of minnows and has steep mud banks.
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July 29, 2017 - Half-collared Kingfisher (Alcedo semitorquata) Found in parts of southern and eastern Africa, these kingfishers frequent rivers, streams, and estuaries. They eat small fish, crabs, frogs, and aquatic insects and their larvae, hunting from a perch, then diving into the water to catch their prey. Pairs dig nest burrows in riverbanks and both parents incubate the eggs.
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