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Posted: 4.1 hours ago
I guess this is a sorta Mt Olympus / Gods and Goddesses au? That was born from the fact that my vision of Istus had a lot in common with my Taako/Lup designs. So Kravitz is the God of Death, son of the Queen of the Afterlife. Taako and Lup are the twin Deities of Balance, children of the Goddess of Fate. (Plotty plot is that the two goddesses have been friends for centuries, and always promised that their firstborn children would marry. Lup is technically older than Taako but Taako is the one who falls in love with Kravitz while she falls for his Lich attendant :)
#taz #adventure zone #taakitz #taako #kravitz #lup #taaco twins #raven queen #istus #taz au #I imagine Lup and Taako share a wardrobe where basically they wear whatever tf they feel like #sometimes taako wears the skirts and glitter #sometimes lup does #sometimes both do #rhymeswithTAZ
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