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Here’s a Hob. Hobs are a common race in Alendi, hailing from the green planet Verdendun. They are magical in nature, and their powers mostly relate to agriculture and soil/earth. Their economy relies on the Tengu, who they farm for in return for protection and technology. Their culture puts importance on friendship and nature. Also: they do have mouths, they’re just small and it looks cuter (to me) if I don’t draw them.
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a map made a while back by my buddy, my pal, my Friend, @toastrology for our FanUniverse™
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a friend gifted me a water sprite so i went and bought a water egg in hopes of getting a good dragon and oh b o y bugger me sideways Meet Kaihalulu, the Remnants’ Water Rep, a laid-back and very chill dragon whose favourite things to do are nap, sunbathe, and swim! (Named after the Red Sand Beach at Kaihalulu Bay)
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Bought this girl from @fusefr earlier today, and she’s already gotten herself a firm place in clan lore as a visiting spirit medium, along with her reluctant partner Xotirjamlik. Unfortunately, she’s so far living up to her name, Tartibsizlik (meaning ‘chaos’ in Uzbek), and has been shirking off her job in favour of causing trouble. I mean ffs, ‘sizlik, you’re supposed to be conversing with the Deepcavern ice-whispers, not desecrating a treasured clan memorial for shits ‘n’ giggles!!
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“Dearest people of Light’s Glory, I am pleased to announce my appointment to the highest seat within our fair city. While I know many of you may be timid about the great upheaval within our walls, I can assure you that I will work with all my strength to assuage those fears. This appointment is more than just a replacement of a central figurehead, but also a light blessed opportunity to heal our many wounds. Where Duke Waldemar, as gracious and steadfast he was, may have been too eager to rush to war. I assure you that I have seen the horrors that has come to our province and I will do anything to chase away these fears. It is convenient that the arrival of the sin’dorei host known as the Sunguard has timed itself with the invasion of the damned. While these valiant elven warriors have done their part to bulwark the fury of the dead, we cannot deny that their crusade has entangled us into despair. As the war begins to wane and our armies become depleted, I promise you that I will find whatever means of peace at my disposal. The armies of Light’s Glory has a singular purpose, the defense of our provincial borders. From the coasts of the great northern sea to the peaks of the Winterspine Mountains, our knights stand at the ready to defend whatever threats await. Beyond those mountain walls, our purpose diminishes and I can see only death that awaits beyond the snows. It is with great deliberation that I decree that no argent soldier will cross the Winterspine Mountains. Furthermore, this war has entwined many sorrows upon our people and has further agitated many wrongs that our province once held. Previously under the reigns of Duke Waldemar, Light’s Glory recognized the noble birth of all those born within or outside our walls. These titles afford certain individuals a great amount of privilege that no other may obtain within a given lifetime. It is my belief that all children of the light are born equal, and no matter of high birth can truly increase the weight of one’s soul. It is decreed that Light’s Glory will no longer recognize the given titles of any highborn individuals. Let not the words of nobility be uttered within our walls, our vales, our meadows. Let the story of liberty and equality be the one which shall be passed down to generations yet to come. Let those born on the streets reign as equal to those born in featherbeds. Let the silverspoon be equal in weight to the wooden ladle. May our songs of equality ring all across Azeroth. To ensure that noble privilege continues to no longer be recognized, we shall levy a tax of 1,000 golden coins per utterance of ‘Lord or Lady’ or any title similar that is spoken within our province. For those who continue to assume a higher station than any other, be placed into custody of our Argent Vanguard, so they may be reminded of their more simple beings. Let us show them modesty where it ought to be taught. In continuance, it is with a heavy heart that I must look at the base magics that have brought about the undead that sit upon our doorstep. It is now my decree that any magics born of necromancy, fel, or the void be strictly prohibited within our walls. If someone were to be harmed by such profane arts, then it strains my heart to declare that crime punishable by death. Only such stringent safeguards must be placed to protect our souls. I say to all of you, we children of the light, that this day shall be remembered for all eternity. Light Save Us All, High Confessor Abigail Reddings”
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