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2019.06.11 NEWS message There’s so much new content lately but I refuse to rush into it, I want to savour every morsel. One such piece is the recent j-net message. There is much going on here including: Tegoshi realizing Koyama’s limbs are really long and deciding to grab him by the balls Tegoshi’s goddamn slacks. Why? Massu making a Ronaldo pose talking about Massu falling asleep in a flower bed at filming Top Gun Koyama and Tegoshi imitating PV filming process with Shigemasu acting as very extra extras But the best part is when Koyama offers two topics to talk about based on the recent PVs: a story about a cool moment in their life and they had to show the face they made then and a story about first love. Tegoshi said he was doing a “coming out” and then proceeded to talk about his two “brides” from kindergarten. Boy, don’t do this shit to me! Especially during Pride! Massu then talked about his last sports event in high school. He won the relay and it was such a thrill and all but then he got sick and threw up in the bathroom so he wasn’t in any of the photos. Poor baby. Shige’s story was the best though, and it also involved kindergarten and sports. There was little Shige, unable to do back hip circle and he was training hard by himself to learn to do it. Then a teacher came and told him to lend his ear, literally. So little Shige did and instead of telling him something, the teacher gave him a kiss. Tegoshi asked why they did it and Shige answered “It is a mystery to this day”. Tegoshi then made Koyama be the teacher. Massu volunteered as the bar. Koyama did his part despite Shige loud protests. Perfect.
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