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Decided to jump in on the ship meme thing ☆ MarshScott ☆ BROTP, OTP, NOTP I feel like “notp” is a bit strong for the apathy I feel towards this ship, but I’ll go with that one, for simplicity’s sake. I mean I could totally ship it if I read the right fic, I’m sure and I would like to try and write for it eventually. It’s just not a ship I actively seek content for. ☆ Least Favorite Thing About Them: N/A ☆ Quote That Reminds Me Of Them: “If you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight.” ☆ Random Headcanons: Jeffershit would make Nathan get close to his (his being Jeffershit) victims long before doing anything (so Jeffershit could better learn how to manipulate them, and so if caught, people would blame Nathan.) At some point Nathan opened up a bit to Kate about his mental illness, and she- though well meaning- said something to the effect of praying for Nathan + telling him he’s “demon possessed” or lost to the Devil or some shit like that. It really shook Nathan up, and though he couldn’t tell Victoria everything that was going on (to keep her safe from Jeffershit) he did tell her what Kate said. This is why Victoria gets involved with the downfall of Kate. ☆ Unpopular Opinion: ??? Idk if the ship has enough of a following to have “popular” opinions, let alone unpopular ones?? I guess it’d be let people ship what they want. You like MarshScott? Great. You’re not hurting anybody, despite what antis say.
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Toronto in December is beautiful 😍😍 I got to go to the Christmas Market, the Eaton Centre, and Nathan Phillips Square, among other places. It’s so good to relax now that exams are over 💓
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