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Posted: 67.2 hours ago
god this ones so ugly but you know what. the actual mix sucks. its bad on purpose. i dont care. the man loves his friends. the name of this mix is “💖I LOVE MY FRIENDS💖” (listen) tracklist under cut <!-- more --> 1. why dont you get a job the offspring 2. wake bake skate fidlar 3. ready to die andrew w.k. 4. turn the lights off tally hall 5. na na na my chemical romance 6. chu chu lovely maximize the hormone 7. when i grow up mayday parade 8. boots and boys kesha 9. crazy = genius panic at the disco 10. wonderland caravan palace 11. bohemian rhapsody queen 12. tonight im getting over you carly rae jepsen ft. nicki minaj 13. trouble neon jungle 14. problem natalia kills
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