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Posted: 3.9 hours ago
abot discord : so what if reigen got trapped in the barrier with mob me : aight i’m gonna let something else in the barrier with them discord : 💦 💦 what me : 8))) discord : [regret] me : okay but also this means they’ll have hope for the future that they can get out -finger guns-
#sandflakedrew #abot #mp100 #reigen #mob #roommates au #au #cw: blood #sliced up toesies #congrats the irony is that reigen only had to pick up mob slightly and move backwards for the spider to get shreddy shred the regular way #it's his panic to keep mob from getting bitten that leads him to cut up footers #misty said 'mob has to turn away when reigen takes off his shoes' #and i'm still EEK about that
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