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Sarah by fl-photostudio: ** Videos tutorial availables - shop ** Video tutorials are available on my website: Contact me for live lessons: Step by step follow a detailed and comprehensive retouch with Lightroom and Photoshop. You know all about the composition, the balance of light, color management and skin retouching. Model : Sarah
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1519300803411 I found a palette with the tags nice, nice at Using these tags I found an image on flickr called 2017.01.14-2017.01.30_France and Monaco-566 by Marvin Wan. I then autotraced it and coloured it with the palette. Licensed CC-BY-SA.
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NICE BRIEF COLLAB FACETIME As Georgina and myself couldn’t get into to university or meet, we Facetimed and discussed our collab project and where we had got up to. On our call, we had decided on our fundraising hashtag of ‘#dosomethingnice’ and we have narrowed down our strapline ideas. I previously came up with the ideas of creating a VHS style impact video and ran it past her as we can use past family footage to create it if we are provided without assets. We have decided when we next meet to look more into campaigns and see how they use videos and filming techniques to enhance our campaign. Also, to keep working on strapline ideas as we are narrowing down ideas now and we are nearly there.
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NICE BRIEF STRAPLINES AS NICE haven’t got a strapline as of yet, it is key to end the video with a line to capture the audience. So, I have been bouncing around ideas and looking online at possible straplines/catchphrases and hashtags to help base our campaign off it. My favourite so far is ‘Experience the NICE feeling’ but I shall be speaking to Georgina and hearing her thoughts on it and the others. While I was researching/creating these straplines I was thinking about how we are going to create our video depending on if we have assets or not. So, I really like the idea of compiling of using family footage and adding a VHS effect over the top and possibly fading it out, and then ending it with ‘can you guess out the film who has the movement disorder?’. Initials ideas again, but I shall run it y Georgina and we chat about where to take it and how to develop it.
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