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Posted: 10.4 hours ago
Next up in hairs is this beautiful long hair. It comes in Remi’s naturals (and texture), my usual variety of unnaturals (1), and selection of naturals (2), and is sorted with the other long hairs I’ve recolored. Colors packaged individually: Fewer files (3): Both versions are otherwise identical and come with base, color swatch, mesh, and preview pictures included; choose only one. I own nothing so you can’t sell it. :) (1): (2): (3):
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Posted: 11.2 hours ago
They grow up so fast… Nightcrawler #1 by Chris Claremont / The Amazing Nightcrawler #2 by Seanan McGuire Seems Nightcrawler solo titles are the best place to look for Mercury appearances these days. Am I the only one who thinks Kurt would make for a much better teacher and role-model for Cessily than Cyclops, Wolverine, or Emma Frost, as they have much more compatible personalities and ethics?
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Posted: 14.7 hours ago
AGE OF X-MAN: THE AMAZING NIGHTCRAWLER #5 (OF 5) SEANAN MCGUIRE (W) JUAN FRIGERI (A) COVER BY SHANE DAVIS, IT’S CURTAINS FOR KURT WAGNER! • Nightcrawler’s life hangs in the balance as the Age of X-Man crumbles around him! • Plus: The fate of baby TJ revealed! 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
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