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Posted: 6.3 hours ago
I’m throwing my other OCs in Toon as an excuse to talk about it and world build a bit. I like thinking about TQ a lot, there’s so much of the world I’m still figuring out but I think I have a feel for it. So here at some of my more odder boys in TQ, if Oc’s aren’t featured here its because they probably “translate” into something pretty normal in the canon of Toon. Like here: Luna - Gnoll Monica - Gnoll (cursed) Vanessa - Gnoll Bade - “Golem” like Marcus Skye - Gnoll (featured) Isaac - Chara (Featured) Beia - Chara Abigail - Chara (Mage maybe Cursed) Eli - Chara
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Posted: 82.3 hours ago
to distract myself from feeling bad, I’m gonna be drawing Marcus more because he makes me happy. so here i will show you a sneak peek at Marcus’s blueprints as I sit here and plan what the fuck is inside of him. gonna note, i’m not a fucking engineer nor am i a robot designer, i don’t know how machines work so i’m literally 100% winging this. 90% of this is literally just so i know his anatomy so if i ever draw him “gored” i’ll know his inner structure enough to keep it consistent. plus it helps me plan out major weak points and other important things like where specific processors and weapons and such is located. i won’t be able to feature everything in the sketches because Marcus has a lot of very very tiny details that will be hard to place so i’ll just i dunno yell about it when i get to posting…
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Posted: 100.5 hours ago
comfort comic… luna doesn’t like it when people’s upset so she do things to make them happy. it would be her idea to make the card and get everyone to sign it because she’s just like that.
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