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Can’t believe I actually saw them live/ briefly met Now, Now!! Ah!!! I was completely in awe the whole set, and their smiles didn’t help ha. And of course, I naturally made a fool of myself and just fangirled out when I finally met them. Me: *stares and smiles like a maniac* “It’s just weird…”– Them: *smile and giggle at my inability to communicate* then I said something about feeling like I knew them, but didn’t really. So pathetic, my only regret haha… Highlights: - “Wolf” Holy shit, now I understand the power of the song. Probably my live favorite, the starts and stops are insanely dramatic! - Cacie: “We’re gonna be outside after the show. We’ll just stand in line…and you can just give us a kiss, one on each cheek…” / Jess & Brad: *just silently stare at Cacie* / Crowd: “…whoo!…ahaha…” - Mini mosh pit during “Thread” - Their whole talk about Buffy and scooters and Heelys - Jess’ insane mastery during “In My Chest” - Sidenote: They are unbelievably tiny. Oh and The Lonely Forest were amazing! Their new song “The Last Time I said Your Name” (or something like that) was perfect, as was everything else. Loud and powerful, and just so many laughs.
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