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Pecan / Pacano Carya illinoinensis The pecan tree (the state tree of Texas!) is best known for its versatile nut (which is technically a drupe), a stable of Southern cuisine. As we draw close to Thanksgiving, you are likely to find a pecan pie on your table soon! The nut is smooth and woody with distinctive black streaks around its tip, and, when cracked open, reveals its edible portion, which has a rich and smooth nutty flavour. They are used in brownies, praline candies, pies, cakes, and even crumbled over ice cream. (Check out this Southern Living page for more unique pecan recipes– this is one of our easiest wild plants to forage!) Pecan nuts are rich in fats (especially oleic and linoleic acids), fibre, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and thiamine, as well as B vitamins. They also contain zero– yes, zero!– sodium, making the raw nuts a great healthy snack. The Comanche pulverised the leaves and rubbed it on a ringworm infection to treat it. The Kiowa took a decoction of the bark for tuberculosis. Both the bark and leaves are highly astringent. The Algonquins made a milk of the pecan, called powcohicora, by pounding the nuts into small pieces, boiling them in water, straining, and stirring. They would add the pecan milk to corn cakes and hominy to season it and to broth to thicken it (and increase its energy content). Including small amounts of pecans (raw, this doesn’t work for pies which have added fats and sugars!) in one’s diet can help to lower blood cholesterol and provide antioxidants that help prevent heart disease and diabetes. But remember– pecans are just a small part of big lifestyle and diet changes that can prevent disease! Scott Cunningham ascribed the pecan with the magical properties of prosperity and assisting a person while seeking employment. One of his spells in his Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs describes eating a few pecans while visualising yourself working at your new job, then bringing those shells wrapped up in a charm bag to job interviews or to a job that has just started, to ensure you will keep it. Its zinc content, which can aid in the production of testosterone, gives me the idea that it would make a good aphrodisiac, and it’s good for trans men and non-binary folks who want to help along their testosterone production. I associate the tree with the element Air, the astrological sign Pisces, the goddess Ceres, and the Sun.
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A simple yet impressive dessert simple enough for week nights, but fancy enough for holidays! This takes just a few minutes to assemble, and 20 mins to bake!
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This Saturday! Come try local brewery @fullsteambrewery Fearington Winter:Coffee Pecan Porter. (Draft & Cans) Meet favorite rep, Brandon @hey_its_brando from Fullsteam. He’ll be pouring samples, asking questions and free swag! #drinklocal #shoplocal #porter #pecan #coffee #craftbeer #craftbeerbar #greenmonkeyraleigh #cooleststoreonhillsboroughst #monkeyfans (at The Green Monkey)
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