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I found & a lot of other oppositional articles for pits yesterday. I’m devastated. The percentage of fatal dog attacks in the last 3 decades were caused by pit bulls. Half of those attacks took place in a family home, with a family pit & a child as the involved party. As much as I’d like to ignore these statistics, this is reality. Pits can be dangerous. And the reason they are “scarier” than other dogs when it comes to being attacked IS because of how they function They can maul people! Way more successfully than most breeds!! (but not all) They are fighters. Whether they were actually bred for fighting or not, (if i recall, bull baiting was the reason to breed pits) they have a fighting spirit. But that isnt inherently bad. They wilk fight for life just as hard. Buddha, pictured above, has shown us and his rescuer that the scariest of creatures is actually big ole babies when cared for. He jumped 3-4 feet everyday in his enclosure at the shelter for three years. They had to throw food and spray water at him so they wouldn’t get killed. Buddha was the definition of a killer dog. Ferocious, threatening barks and growls, 100+ lbs of pure muscle, and a determination to kill anything he could. They wanted to euthanize him but ended up calling a guy as a last resort. Guy (lets call him that) ended up taking him, despite the risks, and suffered those risks shortly after. Buddha took chunks out of him. That wasn’t enough to deter Guy though. After taking Buddha from the shelter he realized how much this boy needed love. Buddha was scared and Guy knew that. Buddha saw grass for the first time that day. He felt grass for the first time. And not even months later, this killing machine of a pupper has frequented the local dog park enough for me to see for myself what he’s really like. A SWEET, BIG OLE DOGGO with an obsession of drenching faces in slobber. He was genuinely one of the sweetest animals I’ve ever met. So full of love. So I’m having a hard time with the anti pit rhetoric. Is it truly dog vs human in the sense of who’s to blame for violent aggression? Are pits SO unpredictable that we shouldn’t relax ourselves while in the presence of one? Are they doomed to be what they were bred for? I dont know the answers. But i do know - my pit Lizzy is snuggled up to me as i type this - that individual animals can and will defy nature. Dogs are the most adaptable animals aside from us. Whatever these dogs were meant for… they now have a new purpose. And its not as scary as you’d think.
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